Welcome to La Barthe
self-catering holiday and vacation farmhouse accommodation
near Eymet, Dordogne, France

La Barthe 9

"This entire valley is so full of vineyards, flowered meadows, cultivated fields, fruit tree plantations deliciously shaded by hedges, watered by springs, crossed by streams, rich in harvests, that their owners seem to have had a vision of paradise".

So wrote Sidoine Apollinaire, the Latin poet some 1500 years ago about the valley of the river Dropt, on which sits the Bastide town of Eymet and the village of Serres Et Montguyard. These words could have been written about the area today, so little has changed, now as then, a peaceful retreat from the hassle of daily life.

The large walled pool area shared by all the guests and the family enjoys full sun all day, and is surrounded by an extensive paved terrace, on which are sun-loungers for every guest (no dashing out first thing in the morning to reserve your place). The smaller children's pool and games area is situated well away from the main heated pool where children can play in safety. The whole area, including the swimming pool, can be floodlit in the evenings to create a pleasant atmosphere where guests can socialise. We feel sure all our guests will appreciate and enjoy the wonderful serene atmosphere at this unique location.